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We host secure video visits with our technology partner Chiron Heath.

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Online therapy

This works for those who:

  • live in California, Nevada, or Texas
  • want to address sadness, low energy, grief, loss, anxiety, relationships, worries or negative habitual behaviors
  • have completed a DBT program and want to do a check-in.
  • like technology and easy online payments.

If you have any questions, please do be in touch. We can individualize the care you need.


$130  || 55-minute session (intake and individual sessions)

$480 || 4 55-minute sessions
(save $40)

**call or text #texasluv for pro-bono services**


Secure COnnection

We use a secure service for our sessions. This helps protect your personal health information.

Once we agree to our first appointment, you'll get a link for completing paperwork and accessing our video sessions. 

In-person could be a better option

Consider in-person therapy if you are currently:

  • engaging in self-harming behaviors.
  • thinking about suicide.
  • engaging in eating disorder behaviors.
  • experiencing hallucinations or delusions.
  • dependent on or abusing alcohol/chemical substances.
  • suffering from severe trauma symptoms.

These are all areas that definitely warrant attention and you are doing great in seeking help. Due the nature of care that is needed for these kinds of issues, in-person therapy is what's best. 

our friends

You're looking for help and even if we can't provide services for you, we do like to share all that we know.  

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Insurance is not accepted.
Some insurance providers do not cover online sessions. You may check with your insurance company directly to confirm what might be reimbursed as out-of-pocket. They usually want a "super bill," which is a detailed receipt for potential reimbursement.

You can set up a free 15-minute call to ask more questions and see if this is right for you.


Online therapy for 18 years and  and older.

Treatment for those under 18 years old requires a specialized training and I do not have that expertise. Please visit for therapists in your area.


Interested in DBT

DBT is offered in limited capacities online. The intensity of a DBT program includes individual, group and telephone coaching calls is sometimes what works best for people. Please be in touch if you are interested in discussing the possiblities.

Please consult for a list of qualitified DBT therapists in your area. If you live in Las Vegas, you may check out for options.

In-Person vs Online

Online therapy provides services that meet you where you are. Some people are trying it out for the first time, don't have much flexibility to get into an office, or geographically find an office visit inaccessible.

There's no question that in-person is the preferred method because it allows for the full scope of being present together in a room. Until you're ready, online services can help bridge that gap.

Areas to address


Finding the most accurate description while taking into account your experiences and the other person's experience.


We have been hurt. If your wounds are still raw, then therapy can help. We can address issues around trauma, invalidation, gender identity, relational dynamics, sexuality, and so much more that comes with life.

Calm and in control

Anxiety is such a a big word and can be overwhelming. Instead we'll learn how to reframe the stressors in your life, identify how your desires or needs are unmet and then find effective ways to take control.



The secret for couples is to get started before there is conflict - so pretty much when the relationships gets serious. If you find that you are in distress in your relationship and want some help, please be in touch.

The goal is to have each person know what they want and to communicate it in a way that takes the other person into consideration.

What can you do now?

Whether for a relationship with your partner, friend or family member, it can be tough to communicate. Here are some basics to get started.

  • Write out what you really want. This helps get organized for for your own brain and prepare for the discussion.
  • Any places that you wrote, "you did this" or "you are this," change them to, "I felt this way when this happened." 
  • Listen. This is our most basic primary problem with us human beings. We are thinking about our own needs that we don't listen. Pretend this person is a stranger and you are just listening without any agenda.
  • Take a timeout. Say for how long and who will start the conversation again. Then do it!

You have power in your health

These are the basics for life and when you're living these, you're getting closer to living a fulfilled life.

  • Get active & be physical. Your body will be grateful for the movement and release endorphins.
  • Sleep. Focus on even breathing and listen to a podcast. Get up after 20 minutes and read a book, magazine, or newspaper. Do no pick up your cell phone! The blue light will keep you up.
  • Eat well. Your body will not feel at rest if you drink alcohol and eat heavy foods.
  • Make connections & be social. We survive by being with others and are soothed when we're with people we trust.